Am i able to get HIV and Aids from Strippers and Lap Dances?

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Expensive Dr. Sadie,
I am 26 year aged male, from India, now keeping at Phoenix (AZ, United states). And this is my Tale.......
Considering that the previous week of October to December to start with 7 days of this year (2010), I were browsing solitary strip club for almost one or two instances each week and every time I took one or 2 lap dances with different ladies.
I normally shave my beard in the morning at 9am. And sometimes I get cuts in the shave. No cuts are larger than 2-3 millimeter throughout and so they bleed occasionally (bleed for jiffy). Immediately after shaving, I get hot h2o tub and after that a hot espresso. I pay a visit to the club at around two-3pm and prior to the lap dance, I usually have a chilly drink. There is about four-5 hours hole among sustaining the shaving cuts and the lap dance. There hasn't been an occasion the place there was an active bleeding within the cuts over the lap dance.
Through the lap dance, I only kissed and/or rubbed my face about the neck, among/on the breasts and from time to time within the butts / thighs (never did that on her vagina) on the Woman. Each individual lap dance was about five-10 minutes. What scarring me is, if her vaginal fluid present on her butts/thigh or on her overall body surface area or the traces of semen with the preceding consumer to whom she gave a lap dance or traces of blood if any (I didn’t see any blood traces at any dance) are available connection with my shave cuts, when I was rubbing my deal with on it. Aside from this, in the complete dance, she used to rub her vagina with panty, on my tricky penis (with my clothing on). She used to carry on rubbing it for about five-10 seconds soon after ejaculation.
Earlier, I used to be unaware that HIV/STD can transmit even by semen or vaginal fluids. But when I arrived to know concerning this transmission, I am absolutely scared and not able to perform my working day-to-day pursuits. So requesting your help....
I've discussed these with number of Physicians on www., but I might want an expert’s impression.
Now my questions are:
one) Will these shameful functions result in HIV or any sort of STD?
Very first Allow me to ADDRESS The way you ASKED THE Issue,
“SHAMEFUL Functions”???
I feel A MORE Critical Dilemma You need to be Inquiring Your self IS, “Due to the fact I FEEL THAT WHAT I AM Accomplishing IS SHAMEFUL, WHY I Preserve Executing IT?” THIS SEEMS TO BE The basis Explanation for THE ISSUE AND One which I THINK You should Come across AN ANSWER TO.
DO You are feeling LIKE Dwelling DANGEROUSLY?
Are you currently SO Hooked on, AND ACCUSTOMED TO, VISITING THIS CLUB THAT The truth that THIS Habits IS, DANGEROUS AT MOST, UNSANITARY Inside the The very least, Doesn't Hold ME FROM REFRAINING…
NOW To reply YOUR Query…Indeed & Certainly!
THIS May cause YOU To acquire a Large number of BACTERIA Within your Deal with, IN ADDITION TO Tiny CRAWLING CRITTERS LIKE CRABS. ANY VAGINAL DISCHARGE (You MAY Often SEE), A FISHY OR MUSTY Odor OR Disagreeable VIRGINAL ODOR Isn't A superb Detail TO HAVE YOUR Confront Close to, OR IN, Irrespective of whether You've Just lately SHAVED OR NOT. HIV Could possibly be SLIGHLY HARDER TO COME BY Determined by That which you EXPLAINED BUT THERE IS A number OF OTHER VAGINAL FUNGUS AND Microorganisms HIDING In certain THONGS AND HIGH HEELS THAT MIGHT MAKE You want YOU Have been Useless.
two) Will HIV get transmitted through the shaved cuts that contacted vaginal fluids or semen, when I rubbed my confront on her butts or thigh?
REASEARCH Indicates THAT The potential risk of HIV An infection In this manner IS EXTRMEMLY Little. Unless of course You might have VAMPIRE TENDENCIES And so are Ingesting A LOT OF BLOOD You're Almost certainly Risk-free.
3) Just how long these shaved cuts takes the perfect time to heal making sure that HIV/std an infection receives restricted?
Study THE ANSWER TO Concern #two
four) What exactly are the probability of an infection from her rubbing vagina on my cummed penis throughout my underwear or thin pant?
ZERO…When you CATEGORICALLY, Unquestionably, POSITIVELY & UNCONDITIONALLY MUST HAVE A FOREIGN VAGINA AND BUTTOCKS RUBBED SOMEWHERE ON The body Each day THEN I Recommend That you just Persist with This technique Rather then HAVING IT RUBBED On your own Deal with
five) Sometimes, I may have rubbed my eyes with my fingers which touched her butts/thighs where vaginal fluids or semen may exist. What about the infection by way of eyes, nose and ears?
I’M Stunned YOU’RE NOT BLIND But? IF NOT YOU’RE Most likely OKAY!!! …Even so, IF YOU HAPPEN TO GO BLIND DO YOU HAVE A person who CAN Generate ME FOR Assistance SINCE YOU WILL NOT Have the ability to SEE The pc KEYS!
I’M NOT Sure BUT IF I Were being A BETTING WOMAN I WOULD Guess THAT This may In donji ves marke all probability End YOU FROM RUBBING VAGINAL FLUID INTO YOUR EYES. In this article Is a thing To consider…IF You retain LIVING DANGEROUSLY You won't Have the ability to SEE A VAGINA; BASED ON YOUR INQUIRY That ought to Encourage YOU To halt RUBBING Odd Woman FLUIDS INTO YOUR EYES.
6) For how much time does the virus (HIV) exist on her overall body floor?
HIV Will not LIVE Beyond THE BODY.
7) Does several lap dances with Virtually various girls increase the any hazard of an infection?
NO, But it surely DOES Improve the INSANITY OF The problem
8) I think, even a single HIV virus or STD resulting in organism infection from the physique tor blood strem, is effective at creating an infection – am donji ves novi sad I proper? Be sure to describe if it necessitates specified degree of fluids (like entire 1ml or 2ml) to cause the infection
Prevent Now! Halt YOUR Conduct AND YOU HAVE NOTHING To bother with
nine) Lastly what are the probabilities that one Muski donji ves particular may get HIV/STD infections as a result of these lap dances?
SEE Concern #8
10) Does one advise me to take a HIV/STD exam?
Of course, Immediately!!!
Awaiting your reply.....
Many thanks for your info

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